Facial cleansers

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Glow face cream with Vitamin C & rice milk & turmeric

9,99 $

African Black Soap & Manuka Honey & Lemon Grass

Anti aging cleansing gel for face & neck with green clay & peptides

Anti aging face cream with green clay & peptides

Detox cleansing gel for face & neck with pink clay & niacinamide

Detox face cream with pink clay & niacinamide

Glow cleansing gel for face & neck with blue clay & Vitamin C

Overnight Cream Mask For Face And Neck With Aha & Bha

Ultra energizing intensive anti-wrinkle serum with yerba mate & gold

Ultra energizing overnight face & neck mask with yerba mate & gold

Vitamin C, Rice Milk, Turmeric

Nourishing face wash with eukaliptus & Vitamin E & sandal wood extract