My20 Pro – an innovative hair dryer

My20 Pro – an innovative hair dryer


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Technical Specifications:
Power: 1600W
Motor: brushless (BLDC), 110,000 rpm.
Weight: 544g
Dimensions: 278 x 89.2 x 68mm
Work volume: <59dB

Working speed: 2 levels; up to 23 m/s
Temperature: warm air: 55±5C; hot air: 80±5C, cold air
Cable: 1.8m
Ionization: yes


My20 Pro – an innovative hair dryer

Are you looking for a hair dryer that will make everyday styling a pleasure? Do you care about
combining effective drying with safe hair care? The My20 Pro dryer is a revolutionary solution. Love
styling your hairstyle and gain full control over the process!
A smart hair dryer that makes styling and caring for your hair easier
This dryer differs from the models you know well in terms of shape, operation and functionality. See
how much you can achieve with it.
Dry hair even in 3 minutes, without using high temperature!
This model uses an innovative BLDC motor with a speed of 111,000 rpm. Thanks to such high power,
you will quickly get rid of moisture from the hairstyle, without exposing it to overheating and
opening the hair cuticles. Reduce the time of morning or evening care to a minimum.
5 intelligent operating modes and 2 speeds

Adjust the dryer's operating mode to your needs. You will do it simply and quickly thanks to the
color, intuitive LCD display. Modes are available:
• standard – air stream of constant temperature;
• warm air-cold air – in this setting you will take care of closing the hair cuticles, and thus, for the
softness and shine of the hairstyle;
• long hair – this program is ideally suited for styling waves on longer strands;
• short hair – suitable if you wear a pixie cut or similar;
• child – a gentle stream of air gently dries the child's hair.
Intelligent temperature control system
The intelligent temperature control system constantly monitors it – so that the dryer does not
overheat and the heat emitted remains at the same level. Set the optimal level and dry without
worrying about depriving the strands of moisture or damaging them under the influence of hot air.
NTC system – additional protection against overheating of the scalp and hair
The NTC thermostat allows for a smooth transition between hot and cold air – so as to quickly dry the
hair, and at the same time avoid overheating of the scalp (which could increase the tendency to
oiliness or hair loss). Thanks to this, you enjoy a soft, fluffy and at the same time disciplined
Maximum safety – minimization of electromagnetic radiation
The innovative way of operation of the device reduces the level of electromagnetic radiation to
almost zero during drying. Thanks to this, the dryer can also be used by children and pregnant
women without fear.
Smart Grip technology – smart on and off
Do you want to put the dryer down for a while, e.g. to reach for a brush? Now you don't have to turn
it off. Just activate Smart Grip! Press the button to stop the device. When you grab them again –
drying will start again. It can't be easier!
Quiet, comfortable operation
Thanks to the use of a brushless motor, the noise level generated by this dryer is below 59 dB. And
this means that you can also use it in the evening without worrying about waking up sleeping
household members.


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